Here is a non-exhaustive list of scientific publications on the field of the study of space environment effects from Artenum.

Scientific publications

  1. .B Tezenas du Montcel (Artenum), B. Jeanty-Ruard (Artenum), J. Forest (Artenum), A. Trouche (Artenum), N. Chabalier (Artenum), Total Ionizing Dose Analysis with EDGE/SSAM of 1U and 6U CubeSats in Interplanetary Environment
  2. B. Tezenas du Montcel (Artenum), A. Trouche (Artenum), I. Michaelis (GFZ), B. Jeanty-Ruard (Artenum), M. Wutzig (GFZ), J. Forest (Artenum), Y. Y. Shprits (GFZ/UCLA), Presentation and validation of the internal charging risk forecast in the PAGER framework, Advances in Space Research Vol. 72, Issue 9, pp 3666-3676, 2023.
  3. B. Thiébault (Artenum), B. Jeanty-Ruard (Artenum), P. Souquet (Artenum), J. Forest (Artenum), J.-C. Mateo Velez (ONERA), P. Sarrailh (ONERA), D. Rodgers (ESA), A. Hilgers (ESA), F. Cipriani (ESA) , D. Payan (CNES), N. Balcon (CNES), SPIS 5.1: An Innovative Approach for Spacecraft Plasma Modeling, IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science Vol. 43, No 9, pp. 2782-2788, 2015.

Presentations & posters

  1. B. Tezenas du Montcel (Artenum,), A. Trouche (Artenum), I. Michaelis (GFZ), D. Wang (GFZ), J. Forest (Artenum), Y. Y. Shprits (GFZ/UCLA), Internal charging dynamics impact on space-weather driven charging risk predictions, from PAGER to mission dedicated prediction services, 19th European Space Weather Week,‌ Toulouse, France, November 2023
  2. J. Forest (Artenum), B. Jeanty-Ruard (Artenum), A. Trouche (Artenum), B. Tezenas du Montcel (Artenum), SpaceSuite, The self-consistent toolbox for space environment effects analysis, Applied Space Environment Conference 2023, Huntsville AL, USA, August 2023
  3. B. Jeanty-Ruard (Artenum), L. Artola (ONERA), G. Hubert (ONERA), J.-C. Matéo Velez (ONERA), J. Forest (Artenum), Assessment of SER Predictions for Radiation Hardness Assurance of SRAMs in Harsh Proton Space Environments, RADECS 2023, Toulouse, France, September 2023
  4. B. Tezenas du Montcel (Artenum), A. Trouche (Artenum), I. Michaelis (GFZ), M. Wutzig (GFZ), J. Forest (Artenum), Y. Y. Shprits (GFZ/UCLA), D. Pitchford (SES), Evaluation of the Internal Charging Risk on Sensitive Devices Embedded on MEO Satellites Calculated from PAGER Space Weather Predictions Framework and Comparison with Results from in-situ Measurements, 44th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Athens, Greece, July 2022
  5. B. Tezenas du Montcel (Artenum,), A. Trouche (Artenum), M. Wutzig (GFZ), J. Forest (Artenum), Y. Y. Shprits (GFZ/UCLA), Surface Charging Risk Evaluation in the Frame of PAGER, 16th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference, Virtual, April 2022
  6. B. Jeanty-Ruard (Artenum), P. Sarrailh (ONERA), D. Payan (CNES), A. Trouche (Artenum), A. Champlain (Artenum), J. Forest (Artenum), Internal charging analysis of a realistic experiment with a dedicated modelling chain, 15th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference, Kobe, Japan, June 2018
  7. B. Jeanty-Ruard (Artenum), P. Sarrailh (ONERA), A. Trouche (Artenum), G. Santin (ESA), D. Falguère (ONERA), A. Champlain (Artenum), J. Forest (Artenum), New integrated pre-processing chain for radiations and internal charging analysis to model time variations impacts, 14th European Space Weather Week, Oostend, Belgium, 2017.
  8. A. Trouche (Artenum), A. Champlain (Artenum), B. Jeanty-Ruard (Artenum), J. Forest (Artenum), Application cases of space modelling software based on the open-source Integrated Modelling Environment Keridwen, 1st Open Source Cubesat Workshop, Darmstadt, Germany, September 2017.
  9. B. Jeanty-Ruard (Artenum), A. Trouche (Artenum), P. Sarrailh (ONERA), J. Forest (Artenum), Advanced CAD tool and experimental integration of GRAS/Geant4 for internal charging analysis in SPIS, 14th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference, 2016