Assistance contracts

On the basis of an annual registration fee, two forms of one-year assistance contracts are proposed to help SpaceSuite users to perform their simulations and analysis in the most efficient and robust way. This assistance is attributed to individual accounts and includes an online help on technical questions about the software(One-shot Requests). Several levels of assistance are proposed and each level gives access to different packages of each software.

Tickets based assistance

Aside from assistance contracts, it is possible to express special requests by using tickets. One ticket represents one unit of effort for one of our experts. This formula is highly flexible and reactive and allows clients to have a stock of Tickets that can be activated in short notice, typically for a punctual assistance on a simulation (support to the settings and/or analysis, CAD modelling…).

For each request, the corresponding number of Tickets is defined beforehand and communicated to the client for agreement. After acceptation by the client the total amount of initially bought Tickets is counted down accordingly.

The minimum order is five tickets, which have to be used within a year after purchase. The duration of the Ticket treatment is guaranteed provided that the client has communicated all needed information to the expert beforehand.


For further information and details about assistance, please request our Detailed Offer and Pricing (DOP) documents.