SEE-U is a simulation software dedicated to the modelling of the Single Event Effect (SEE) / Single Event Upset (SEU) and the computation of the Single Event Rate (SER) of embedded electronics, including on-board of space systems.

Through an easy-to-use GUI, guiding the user allong the modelling process, SEE-U aims to address the whole SEE/SEU modelling chain from the evaluation of SEU cross-section for embedded electronics technologies to the final evaluation of the SER in-situ into orbital systems:

  • Computation of embedded electronics technologies SEU cross-section: SEE-U computes the SEU cross section curves for protons and heavy Ions for various common embedded electronics taking into account the incident particle angles.
  • Import of experimental SEU cross-sections: SEU cross-sections can also directly be imported from experimental measurements as well, through simple ASCII based format, to handle specific or not modelled yet technologies.
  • Computation to space environment induced SER: For given protons and/or ions space environments and considering the SEU cross-section, SEE-U computes the final SER of the system in orbit, eventually taking into account a uniform isotropic shielding as well. SEE-U can import environmental fluxes from various tools and on-line platforms, like SPENVIS or CREME96.
  • Handling 3D realist spacecraft geometry in the evaluation of the in-situ SER on-board of space-systems: Through the AGE plugin, SEE-U is able to take into account in 3D the effective anisotropic shielding due to the 3D realistic geometry of the satellite and compute the in-situ SER rate, including its angular dependency. This innovative feature allows to optimise the final SER considering the real shielding of the platform.

To access SEE-U, please register for free on the dedicated registration page on SPIS-Services website. Then, once connected, you will be able to download SEE-U.