EDGE 2.3.0 Release Notes

New version of Edge, including many bug fixes and new functions:

  • New shapes handled by EDGE: Trapezoid, GeneralTrapezoid and Parrallelepiped and possibility to edit shapes not handled by EDGE;
  • Simplified material edition panel with only one simple editor to create/modify materials;
  • EDGE now propose to save the file if it has been modified before creating new one/loading another file;
  • New recent files menu;
  • EDGE can now store the chosen colour and opacity to the GDML file to reload them as chosen;
  • New shape description pictures;
  • Shape creation dialog now separate atomic elements to import options that are now available from the application menu;
  • Correction of the sphere 3D representation;
  • Various usability improvements;
  • Corrected other small issues.