EDGE 2.4.0 Release Notes

New version of Edge, including many bug fixes and new functions, focusing on the performance improvement:

  • New rendering mechanism increasing greatly the 3D refreshing speed (from 18s in 2.3.2 to less than 3s in 2.4.0 for a 8mo GDML file);
  • New GDML file perspective allowing to preview the content of the generated GDMl file and also edit/save it;
  • Reworked overlap & reorganise algorithms leading to an increase of the speed of these operations (i.e. from 30s in 2.3.2 to 4s in 2.4.0 for the same file);
  • New plugin mechanism allowing to add quickly new function to EDGE;
  • Correction of the sphere 3D representation;
  • For tessellated elements, EDGE now indicates the number of facets of it in the properties panel;
  • Various usability improvements;
  • Corrected other small issues.

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