Internal Charging Meshing plugin for EDGE

Volume Mesh Creation for Internal Charging Analysis, in short “Internal Charging Meshing”, is an EDGE-plug-in developed to widely facilitate the creation of scoring volume mesh used in the SpaceSuite internal charging modelling chain.

First, this modelling chain needs the CAD of the system from a GDML file created, for example, with EDGE.

This file is then used by MoORa to compute the interactions between the particles coming from the space environment and the materials using Geant4/GRAS. During this computation, both the deposited dose and charge are scored in a volume mesh.

This volume mesh is used later in the modelling chain as initial condition for SPIS-IC to compute the internal charging effect in the dielectric.

The purpose of the “Internal Charging Meshing” Edge plugin is to compute this volume mesh where both the deposited dose and charge will be computed later by MoORa.