SPIS contributors

SPIS 5.2.4 2017/02/20
SPIS-UI Integrated Modelling Environment (SPIS-UI IME)

Spacecraft Plasma Interaction Software
see: http://www.spis.org


SPIS is an open source software project supported by the Spacecraft Plasma Interaction Network in Europe (SPINE).

Intellectual property rights remain with the original authors. Software copy and modifications rights are covered by the GPL license (See COPYRIGHT, LICENSE.txt and GPL.txt).

The Spacecraft Plasma Interaction Software (SPIS) was initiated by the European Space Agency (ESA) under contract number 16806/02/NL/JA.

The SPIS 5.2.4 includes improvements performed in the frame of different projects:

  1. SPIS-Time Dependent activity (ESA contract 19884/06/NL/JD with funding from Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES))
    • Development by ONERA and ARTENUM
    • Validation by ONERA
  2. SPIS-GEO (ESA contract 4000101174)
    • Development by ARTENUM and ONERA
    • Validation by OHB-Sweden and ASTRIUM-France
  3. AISEPS (ESA contract)
    • Development and validation by ASTRIUM-SAS
    • Support by ONERA
  4. SPIS-SCIENCE (ESA contract 4000102091/10/NL/AS)
    • Development by ONERA and Artenum
    • Validation by Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF-U) and by Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planetologie (IRAP)
  5. SPIS-Dust (ESA contract 40004107327/12/NL/AK)
    • Development by ONERA and ARTENUM
    • Validation by Lancaster University
  6. Numerous extra developments, improvements and bug fixes done on the internal efforts of ONERA and ARTENUM

Done at Toulouse, France, 20th of February 2017.