MoORa (Modelling Of Radiations) is a user-friendly and simple to use software developed by Artenum that helps modelling the radiations transport using GEANT-4 based models. As of today, MoORa is interfaced with the GRAS tool (GEANT4 Radiation Analysis for Space) developed by ESA .

MoORa allows the analysis of radiations transport in 3D geometrical models. The definition of the geometry may be in GDML format and can be realised by using EDGE. MoORa allows the setting of a GEANT-4 based model through several parameters such as the definition of the source and the Gmsh scoring in which the results of Total Ionising Dose (TID) should be computed.

Once all these parameters are defined, MoORa generates a macrofile with GEANT-4 command lines (.mac file for example). This file is editable and the user can modify or add some command lines if needed. At the end of the simulation, the user can visualise in 3D its results through the post-processing panel.

In the context of interoperability between software, EDGE can be used to define geometries needed as inputs of MoORa. Moreover, MoORa itself can be operated as an input of an internal charging software such as SPIS-IC.

It is important to note that GRAS is open source and available on ESA website, upon registration. MoORa only provides an interface allowing the user to pilot the GEANT-4 model.