EDGE (ExtendeD Gdml Editor) is an easy-to-use GDML editor to load and edit GDML geometries developed by Artenum.
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The GDML format⏶

The GDML format (Geometry Description Markup Language) is used by the Geant4 simulation tool kit, the reference solution for particle-matter interaction.

Thus, the GDML format is currently used in radiations analysis, neutronics, high-energy particles research and nuclear safety…

Key features⏶

EDGE has been designed with the idea to facilitate the edition or creation of GDML files. With this software, users can create/load/edit GDML files and save them with a real-time 3D visualization. EDGE is powered by Keridwen, the Integrated Modeling Environment (IME).

Geometry Edition

EDGE allows the creation of complex GDML files by handling several-layer hierarchy with most of the GDML simple shapes, such as:

  • Boxes and Parrallelepipeds
  • Paraboloid
  • Spheres and Ellipsoids
  • Tessellated Elements (made of Triangular and/or Quadrangular elements)
  • Trapezoids
  • Tubes and Cones

EDGE also allows you to import pre-existing GDML defined geometries and integrate them as sub-elements of the edited geometry.

Geometry checking and statistics

EDGE integrates several features to check the self-consistency of the geometry and its validity with Geant4 based simulation kernel:

  • Overlapping detection between elements to avoid errors in Geant4 computations;
  • Geometry hierarchy validation and correction;
  • Volume and total mass computation, taking in count the volumic mass of each element.

Material Properties Edition

EDGE allows to edit and attribute material properties on each geometrical elements in a simple way.
Materials can be defined:

  • Manually through the isotopic compositions, using a easy-to-use editor;
  • From built-in GEANT4 predefined materials;
  • From existing GDML defined materials

Import/Export capabilities

EDGE is able to import various B-Rep based industrial formats using tessellation such as

  • STEP-AP 203-214
  • Gmsh .geo geometry format and .msh mesh format
  • Others B-Rep formats like .stl and .unv

A CSG-to-Brep decomposition function allows to export GDML based geometries to equivalent ones in Gmsh GEO format, in order to open interoperability towards other simulation models, industrial CAD editors and meshers.


Here are the last available documentations for the EDGE tool:

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