Launching the SpaceSuite-Ô R&D project

The SpaceSuite team is glad to thank Région Occitanie (RO) and the European Union (EU) for their support and confidence into the SpaceSuite initiative through the SpaceSuite-Ô project.

In the frame of an industry-research partnership between Artenum and ONERA, SpaceSuite-Ô is a 30 months R&D project started in November 2018. This R&D activity constitutes a major and strategic investment in space environment effects analysis both for Artenum and ONERA.

This project is co-funded by the Recherche et Société(s) RO program and by the EU FEDER program. Artenum thanks as well Région Occitanie for its additional support through a complementary support convention.

An intensive R&D development activity will be performed to improve space environment effects modelling and analysis, especially in the fields of charging, radiations and contaminations. This effort should lead to reinforce the expertise of the team by the integration of new profiles into the team.