SSAM : Sector Shielding Analysis Module for EDGE

SSAM, for Sector Shielding Analysis Module, is an additional plug-in for EDGE that allows, through a simple and easy to sue GUI, to perform shielding analyses and quick deposited dose computations. SSAM is perfectly adapted to quick radiations analysis, in a simple engineering approach or as pre-processing for more advanced modelling with MoOra and Monte-Carlo models.

Sector Shielding Analysis

Using a ray-tracing technique, SSAM will perform, from a target point of view, an evaluation of the shielding thickness in all directions of a selected angular sector. The target can typically be a sensitive device on which the user wants to evaluate radiations effect. Taking into account the nature of attributed materials, the geometrical thickness is converted into aluminium effective one.

SSAM provides numerous 3D representations of the evaluated shielding, like “hedgehog views”, colorized spheres and angular maps.

The angular dependency of the shielding thickness can be exported into several formats, like CSV, to allow processing with other tools.

Deposited dose evaluation

Using beforehand set tabulated functions defining the evolution of the cumulative dose versus the depth of materials — SSAM is able to compute a first evaluation of the deposited dose on the selected target and in function of evaluated shielding.

Dose versus the depth laws can be manually set or imported from various external codes, like the Shieldose2 model, as provided in the frame of the ESA/BIRA/Spenvis online application.

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Such deposited dose evaluation can be computed with a very short computational time and complete, as first evaluations, more detailed analysis done with MoOra and Geant4 models.

SSAM is a plug-in for EDGE and requires both a specific license and an installed and running EDGE.

Please contact us for SSAM and EDGE licenses and pricings.