New SpaceSuite “Radiations and Internal Charging” training

Artenum and ONERA teams wish you a happy new year 2018, hoping to continue to answer conveniently to your needs.

We are pleased to announce that, owing to the success of SPIS-Services and due to the evolution of the needs of space industry and research, Artenum and ONERA have created a new partnership called SpaceSuite. This new commercial offer proposes a multi-physics software suite and a pool of scientific expertise, allowing the user to study and model the effects of space environment on a spacecraft. It is providing trainings, assistance contracts and advanced studies in both simple and multi-physics approaches.

SpaceSuite regroups several physical thematic such as radiations, spacecraft charging, multipactor effect… In this frame, please note that the commercial offers of SPIS-Services are integrated into SpaceSuite. The SPIS-Services website as you know it is still available at

In the frame of this new commercial offer, a new training session entitled “SpaceSuite Radiations and Internal Charging course” will be held on the 26th and 27th of March 2018 at ONERA Toulouse (France). This new training course will focus on the use of SpaceSuite numerical tools to model radiations and internal charging effects inside sensitive components. For more information about the content of this course, please consult the enclosed training program.

Please note that for this training course, an early bird fee will be established. Any registration to this training ordered before the 16th of February 2018 will beneficiate from a 10% discount. Registration will be closed on the 12th of March 2018.

For more information on SpaceSuite, contact us at contact [at] or through the contact form in order to receive our DOP (Detailed Offer and Pricing) document.


Best regards,


The SpaceSuite team