Advanced Radiation Analysis Tools Unveiled at RADSHIELD 2024

At RADSHIELD 2024, an event dedicated to mapping the current state of the art in radiation shielding for space applications, Artenum presented their innovative talk “SpaceSuite Radiation Analysis Tools with GEANT4: From Radiation and Single Event Analysis to Space-Weather Driven Internal Charging Risk Forecast“. This conference aims to define future research areas, covering both traditional and novel shielding techniques essential for upcoming space missions.

Artenum presented tools modelling the effects of the space environment on space systems. With the advent of new missions, there is a heightened need for advanced 3D internal charging analysis, cumulative dose process and Single Event Effects (SEE/SEU) prediction in electronic devices. The comprehensive suite of SpaceSuite tools, designed for ease of use and interoperability, addresses these needs through innovative applications.

This presentation at RADSHIELD 2024 underscores Artenum’s commitment to advancing radiation analysis and forecasting tools, providing crucial support for the safe and efficient design of future space missions.