Charging Risk Forecast Service Presentation at IMC-IV Workshop

On June 5, 2024, at the International Magnetosphere Coupling IV (IMC-IV) workshop, a pivotal presentation titled “Advanced Charging Risk Forecast Service, further beyond H2020/PAGER” was delivered. This event brought together leading researchers to delve into the intricacies of the magnetosphere system, examining how solar disturbances can propagate to the magnetosphere, alter plasma and wave distributions, and ultimately influence the ionosphere and upper atmosphere.

Artenum’s presentation highlighted the advancements in forecasting services developed as part of and beyond the H2020/PAGER project. These services aim to enhance the prediction of charging risks posed to space assets by solar activity. The focus was on improving the accuracy and reliability of forecasting tools to better protect satellites and other space infrastructure from the detrimental effects of space weather.

The IMC-IV workshop serves as a crucial forum for experts to share insights and foster collaborations, ultimately advancing our understanding of the interconnected space environment. The discussion of these advanced forecasting services underscores the importance of continual innovation in space weather prediction to safeguard our growing reliance on space-based technologies.