Validation of Total Ionizing Dose Analysis for CubeSats Using EDGE/SSAM

A new whitepaper titled “Total Ionizing Dose Analysis with EDGE/SSAM of 1U and 6U CubeSats in Interplanetary Environment” by B. Tezenas du Montcel et al is available. The paper details the use of the Sector Shielding Analysis Module (SSAM) within the ExtendeD GDML Editor (EDGE) software to estimate the Total Ionizing Dose (TID) on CubeSats.

The study confirms SSAM’s accuracy by comparing its results with other dose calculation software, validating its effectiveness in modeling radiation effects. An example application on a 1U CubeSat demonstrates SSAM’s versatility. It highlights the challenges of the space environment, including risks from energetic particles affecting spacecraft. Artenum’s SpaceSuite tools, such as SPIS-SC, SPIS-IC, EDGE, and SEE-U, are designed to address these challenges by simulating various radiation effects.

This publication provides a robust solution for estimating radiation doses on CubeSats, which is crucial for the design and validation of space missions.